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Camp Erdman

Another school year, another Camp Erdman. This year was filled with much wind and rain, but nothing would stop HMA from continuing with tradition.

This year's competitions included soccer, volleyball, flag football, and "Scrub" Olympics (Egg Toss, Dizzy Bat Race, 10-person Pyramids, 50 yd Dash, King/Queen of the Beach, Tug of War, and various pool events). Here are the 2019 winners of each sports competition:

Boys' Soccer: Juniors

Girls' Soccer: Seniors

Boys' Volleyball: Juniors

Girls' Volleyball: Seniors

Boys' Football: Sophomores

Girls' Football: Seniors

In the evenings, ASHMA (our students leads) planned nightly activities from evening games to a talent show. This year's talent show winners were: 1st - Macana Suvichai (vocal and guitar), 2nd - Nagi Sakata & Natsu Komoto (dance), and 3rd - Kristi Lane & Daisuke Uchida (vocal duet).

In addition, each evening and morning, we had worship with Pastor Jean Clouzet (new pastor of Wahiawa, Waimanalo, and Oahu Hispanic churches). Pastor Clouzet spoke a 4-part series on the life of Joseph, his dysfunctional family, his trials, and his forgiveness.

Some photos from Camp Erdman, the rest can be found at HMA's Facebook page:

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