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12th Grade Counsel

Senior year is not the time to relax.  The idea of an "easy senior year" is not looked at well by many universities.  Universities want to see that students are still challenging themselves by taking difficult classes and that students are still involved in their school and community.

Besides academics and involvement, there are many deadlines this year:

1) Take the SAT or ACT by the end of December.  For some universities, it may be necessary to take it sooner.  Check on the university's individual websites for application deadlines.

2) By November, speak with teachers about possible recommendation letters that will need to be completed on your behalf.

3) Start and complete applications by their deadlines.  University of Hawaii's deadline is March 1, with a priority deadline of January 5.  Most Adventist universities do not have an application deadline, however, complete applications by April 1 for financial purposes.

4) Fill out the FAFSA - Free Financial Aid for Federal Student Aid. Start by applying for the FSA ID, which will serve as your digital signature.  Using your tax forms for the previous full year, complete the FAFSA application.  FAFSA is the issuing body for federal grants and loans, and universities will often require this application to be completed in order to grant scholarships.  Thus, regardless of whether you need federal aid or not, it is still important to complete the FAFSA.

5) Seek out and find scholarship opportunities outside of the universities.  Some examples of websites that host many scholarships are Big Future, Broke Scholar, CareerOneStop, Chegg, JLV College Counseling, Student Scholarships, Tuition Funding Sources, and Unigo.

6) After you have completed each of these steps, you can relax and wait for the acceptance letters to come in.

7) When you have your list of accepted schools, consult and pray with your family to decide which university would be best for you.

In Revelation 22:11, it says "....he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still."  Though this is your last year, do not let up on your schoolwork or your responsibilities.  Stay committed and continue to work.  

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